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Victoria Hospital is a public healthcare facility located minutes from Castries in Saint Lucia. Victoria Hospital was the main public health care facility in Saint Lucia, named for Queen Victoria of England, and was the main and oldest health institution in Saint Lucia, with over 150 years of operation. The present or future use of this facility is presently unknown to me.

The hospital which opened in 1887 was once the primary hospital for the island but has since been replaced by the Owen King European Union Hospital (OKEU) on Friday, 27 March 2020.

Victoria Hospital was a general hospital providing a full range of medical, surgical, obstetrics and gynecology, and emergency services to the entire nation. Victoria Hospital was also known for offering free kidney dialysis services to Saint Lucians, a needed service for so many.

Victoria Hospital was being considered as a possible contender for a part of a US $20-million World Bank primary healthcare development project, perhaps upgrading the underutilized aging structure into a Mental Wellness facility. To date, this has yet to be determined.

Previous site for the Blood Bank
Also located at the Victoria Hospital is the St Lucia Blood Bank (they are always in need of blood).

Relocated to OKEU - persons wishing to donate blood can visit the Mobile Blood Bank at the Owen King EU Hospital, or the Mobile services which can often be found at William Peter Boulevard in Castries.

For more information, contact 729 9642


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