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Crystals is a one of a kind Tree House property with a cluster of unique cottages and Villas built into nature. It is nestled away in the hillside of Soufriere with most spectacular views of the piton mountains, ocean, volcano and the picturesque town of Soufriere. Crystals St Lucia, brimming with Caribbean mystery and island magic, is indeed a one of a kind travel destination.

With views where jungle mountains take centre stage, its landscape will fuel your imagination and re-energize any soul.

The piton mountains, set next to the clear turquoise ocean waters off the town of Soufriere, are two alluring jagged tooth mountain peaks that seem lost in a prehistoric time. These mountain peaks are visible in nearly every tree house villa on the grounds.

Crystals is an art gallery at every turn. The villas are stylishly furnished with handmade furniture that is both locally made and collected from exotic countries around the globe. Each villa stands proudly in it’s own uniqueness and provides luxury amenities to satisfy the highest standard of comfort; private pools, Bbq grills, sun decks, full kitchens, A.C. and Cable Tv.

The enchanting Indian flare of Crystals is the perfect setting for a romance novel. The Treetop Restaurant is draped in silk fabric of gold, orange and green and built into a prolific mango tree above a natural pond. No windows or doors, just the sweet tropical breeze.

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