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The Coal Pot

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Fusing French and Creole cuisine the Coal Pot has for several decades represented the quintessential of great tasting cuisine. Located on the waters edge in a beautiful open-air waterfront dining.

On the menu are imported meats, such as rib-eye steak, duck, rack of lamb, and a succulent tenderloin of beef.

The Coal pot is also famous for its wide selection of fresh fish and lobster, when in season. Diners can choose from a large selection of wines from the wine cellar and numerous delicious sauces: red wine and onion, garlic butter, ginger, mushroom, Roquefort, a creamy black peppercorn and of course creole sauce.

They are also open for lunch with a slight difference in price and menu that includes the local national dish, Salt Fish and Green Fig. An assortment a fresh main course salads including Greek and Shrimp Salad and Salad Niçoise with Fresh Tuna. The Coal Pot, is definitely one to visit.


Home-style cooking is the reason why the Coal Pot has a steady flow of loyal customers, who feed on Greek or shrimp salads, broiled fresh fish with Creole sauce, divine lobster bisque, fresh seafood dishes with ginger and coconut-curry sauces, lemon garlic butter and wild mushrooms. As for those who believe in eating to their heart’s content, the dishes for them are ducks, lamb, beef and chicken laced with peppercorns, red wine, onion and Roquefort sauce, all of which are the Chef’s special preparations. This intriguing feast will accomplish its task of delighting you.

Among other things, The Coal Pot specializes in seafood with eclectic twists. The setting here, as far as the style and level of formality, is informal. The option to eat here is on the table during both dinner and lunch, so give it a try. You might discover some dishes that you fall in love with.

Caribbean / Creole / French

+1 758 452 5566

Vigie Marina, Castries

12 noon to 3:00pm / 6:00pm to 9:30pm

Lunch / Dinner

Mon - Sat


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