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Is Saint Lucia a safe place to visit?

September 11, 2021
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St Lucia is, for the most part, an idyllic and laid-back place, but it is not without its hazards and nuisances. As you would anywhere in the world, even in your own hometown, be alert and aware of your surroundings. As in any situation, be mindful about venturing alone in deserted or unlit areas as well as areas you are not familiar with. The more densely populated areas like Castries and Rodney Bay are patrolled by police regularly and there are police stations in each of the island’s districts.

If touring the island, be sure to secure personal belongings on your person or leave them in a safe location in your room or villa. If you are staying in a hotel, which generally has gated security, take the precaution of informing your reception or concierge of your plans and anticipated return.

If hiring a car, don’t pick up strangers. If you are travelling by yacht, then inform neighbouring yachts when you are going ashore for the day or evening. St Lucia’s many delights and its wonderful people are yours to safely enjoy with keeping these few precautions in mind.


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