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This prominent distinguished tandoori restaurant has been established since 1994, on the restaurant ‘strip’ of St. Lucia.

The menu is authentic Nepalese/East Indian cuisine, using fresh seafood, vegetables and meats. Razmataz offers diners a comfortable, welcoming restaurant with outstanding staff to help with your selection. There are many favourite dishes on the menu like kormas, massalas, vindaloos and madrass and the tandoori breads…naans and chapatis!

Tandoori cuisine was unknown in St Lucia until our excellent Chef of Distinction – Dipendra Bahadur K.C. arrived here with a clay oven from Nepal! Dipendra’s skillful preparations of fresh local ingredients have proven immensely popular throughout the years, with worldwide accolades and awards achieved.

Our menu is totally authentic and Razmataz is a real Eastern restaurant serving traditional Tandoori Cuisine; every spice is artfully blended and caressed to fulfill maximum flavour for each individual dish. All dishes are individually prepared in the genuine Tandoori charcoal oven that is kept burning 24 hours a day.

Set in a patio garden with tables set along a covered veranda, East Indian furnishings and décor give it an authentic atmosphere.

The Bar

The bar offers ‘happy hour’ from 5 – 7pm serving memorable cocktails with affordable bar snacks and there is a 10% discount on all take aways.


+1 758 452 9800

Rodney Bay

5:00pm – 11:00pm


Mon – Sun | Closed: Tue


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