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What is Castries?

September 11, 2021
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The bustling port city of Castries is the capital and the largest city in the island of St Lucia, with an estimated population of around 20,000.  The city’s design is in a grid pattern. Its also a sheltered harbour receives cargo vessels, ferry boats, and multiple cruise ships. The city houses the Castries Market, a place where shoppers flock for fruits, vegetables and handicrafts. You can also find duty-free shopping, supermarkets, restaurants and lots more. The city is well served by a bus system and taxi service. In Castries, sightseers can admire murals painted by a local artist inside Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, or relax in Derek Walcott Square, named for the St. Lucian Nobel-prize-winning poet.

Castries Motto: “Statio Haud Malefida Carinis”  (A safe harbour for ships)

Located – 14°01′N 60°59′W, aprox. 7 miles south of Rodney Bay, less that on mile from the regional airport of George F. L. Charles Airport next t Vigie Beach – Vigie.


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